Marvin Daniel

Marvin Daniel

Few people know as many secrets of successfully dating Asian women as Marvin Daniel. He's been to Japan, China, and Thailand, and met dozens of women there. "My goal was not only to have a great time but also to get to know them and try to understand what all that Asian dating craze was about," says he.

After getting back, he decided to share his experience on Reddit. Three months later, he found himself giving advice on dating women from Asia daily, and decided that he found his calling.

"Calling myself an expert on Asian women is a bit too ambitious, I'd say, but yeah, I know about them more than a regular US dude. They have a lot of stereotypes from the movies and porn, and can't imagine how fun and interesting in conversation these women can be," he tells everyone.
After starting on Reddit, Marvin now shares his wisdom on our website, writing on his favorite subject.

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