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As a foreigner, dating a Japanese girl can be an exciting experience. You get the opportunity to encounter a whole new dimension of romance. Japanese women are elegant and stylish. They’re delicately exquisite and inwardly attractive as well. They have a way of bringing so much liveliness and fun into a relationship. You don’t know where to get them? Japanese online dating sites are scattered across the internet. Research and choose the one that suits you!

Things to consider before taking on Japanese online dating

Women have some values integral to their culture, if you’re trying to get a date with Japanese women, you have to find a way to blend in with their culture. Japanese women love foreigners and you can use this to your advantage.

Be honest and keep your word

The act of being honest and true to your word is implanted in the Japanese culture. It’s a quality that shows manliness. If you’re someone that breaks promises, probably you find it difficult showing up on time to your date or say things that are untrue, then you’d have to fix that before going ahead to date a Japanese woman. The Japanese word for trust is ‘Shinrai’ and they don’t joke with it!

Appear clean and well dressed

Cleanliness is principal to the Japanese. They’re taught from childhood to be clean and hygienic. In fact, it’s a rule in their religion. If you want a Japanese woman to fall deeply in love with you, you have to look well-kept and sparkling. After storming through bricks to find the right Japanese women to date online, you don’t want to throw it all away when you eventually meet.

How to sustain the relationship when you date Japanese women?

Your intention is to get her to fall in love with you and end up marrying her. You need to do some things to sustain the relationship and make it work irrespective of the cultural diversity or the distance.

  • Be interested in her family: The Asian culture is characterized by deep family ties. Family is everything to them. So to make it work you have to show sincere concern for her family.
  • Be supportive: Support her career-wise, academically, and in whatever is her passion. Be the kind of man that pushes her to achieve more. Doing this will make her see you as the right man to get married to.
  • Always create time for her: No matter how busy you are, chat her up. Ask about her day. Be particular about her. Japanese girlfriends take this very seriously when dating. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, perhaps you met her on a Japanese dating site online, be active with her on social media.


Now that you’ve been familiarized with the things to expect, you can sign up on a Japanese dating site and meet up with the girl of your dreams. Tune your account to meet up her expectations. Start meeting up with hot Japanese girls, then apply the things you’ve read in here. Have a smashing relationship!

Marvin Daniel
Hi, I'm Marvin Daniel, and I enjoy telling everyone about dating and marrying Asian women because I've been to Asia myself and know my stuff. They make fantastic girlfriends and wives, and it's my job to teach you how to get them.

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